Welcome to the UEE Advocacy Ship Registration database. This tool was built by and for fans of Star Citizen who want to lay claim to the names of their ships in the 'Verse. 

The Ship Registry will be in a process of continuous improvement for many months. Please Contact Us if you have feature suggestions.

v1.2 Features & Revisions:

  • Layout and styling on the main database search filters
  • Addition of the 'Quick Name Finder'
  • Usability updates

v1.1 Features:

  • Ship Database expansions
    • Optional org unit field
    • Optional ship call sign field

v1.0 Features:

  • Look and feel/Creative
  • Account registration and authentication
  • Basic ship registration features
    • Name
    • Org
    • Type
    • Home System
    • Use
    • History
  • Ship type database 
    • Name
    • Description
    • Image
  • Contact us page
  • Homepage
  • Basic content pages
    • About
    • TOS
    • Disclaimer

Here's a list of features on our current development roadmap:

  1. Email deliverability improvement  Presently transactional emails have a tendency to go to spam folders because the default SMTP server for the hosting company is handling the send when new accounts are created. 
  2. Personal Hangar Page - Allowing visitors to easily see all the shops belonging to a single owner. (Currently captains can view their own ships on one page.)
  3. Org Hangar Page A way to look at all the ships belonging to a single organization. 
  4. Registration Plate The generation of an image with a unique registration number. 
  5. Multi-Character Architecture Allow one account to have multiple characters who can each own multiple ships.