Drake Cutlass Blue

Cutlass Blue

Sleek, mean, and royal. The Cutlass Blue adds missiles, a more aggressive engine, and Durasteel holding cells in the cargo bay to the standard model. The Cutlass Blue is the outworld militia standard ship of choice for patrols.


Submitted by Dutch Crossland on Sun, 01/10/2021 - 22:01

The Purge was in service to the Advocacy and was mainly utilized as a law enforcement patrol craft until it was retired at the end of 2949.  The Cutlass Blue was replaced by the new wave of MISC Razors making their way into the Advocacy Fleet as Patrol ships.  It was privately purchased by a former Advocacy Special Agent named Dutch Crossland at a local government auction located on Earth.  It then was used over the course of the next two years as a Security Patrol Craft and Prison Vessel doing various duties such as escorts and prisoner transports.  The Purge is a Cutlass Blue class ship m

Buckets to Eleven

Submitted by Byórðæįr on Fri, 05/05/2017 - 18:28

Built in late 2873 by Aeromancy on barely habitable out laying world of Surfer's Paradise, the ship is registered out of Goss in 2917 by Byórðæįr, call sign Vlor, after he retires from serving with the other heros lead by Lt Nolan.