Drake Dragonfly

Drake Dragonfly

The Drake Dragonfly is the perfect snub ship for anyone looking to live on the edge. With nothing separating the pilot from the dangers of space, the Dragonfly is as much an adventure as a ship! Dual-mode conversion allows the Dragonfly to operate on the ground or in space, and a rear-facing second seat means you can even take a passenger! The black model is Drake's standard production version and the Yellowjacket being a limited edition.


Submitted by Aseron on Fri, 12/15/2017 - 15:07

Lux, deriving it’s name from the Latin word for ‘Light,’ is a racebike/spacebike for Aseron when he feels the “need for speed.”


This ship is actually a Nox Kue, but this registry does not support that ship yet.