MISC Freelancer DUR

Freelancer DUR

The MISC Freelancer DUR variant is specialized in exploration. It sacrifices 25% cargo capacity of the standard Freelancer in exchange for an enhanced jump drive, a more advanced scanner, and an expanded fuel tank. This may seem like a bad call to some, but those who value discovery over profit will find it to be their ship of choice.

Miso Chef

Submitted by Byórðæįr on Sun, 08/27/2017 - 20:38

Built in late 2647 by MISC and used as in fleet catering ship until bought by admiral Byórðæįr with the intent of gutting the hull and figuring out how to refit with it new equipment, to provide hot chow in to fighter pilots on long escort missions. After tearing it apart and learning the specs, the parts are too worn out and some parts have gunk welded to them that had petrified.