MISC Reliant Mako

MISC Reliant Mako

The Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern Reliant Mako is a news van variant of Reliant. The Empire depends on up-to-the-second information, which is why reporters need to be able to go where the news is happening: wherever, whenever. Enter the Mako: all the flexibility and dependability of a MISC Reliant combined with a state of the art Image Enhancement suite and turret-mounted optics to capture every moment as it happens with the clarity and accuracy that makes headlines.


Submitted by INN on Thu, 02/23/2017 - 19:03

INN's third reliant Mako news van, purchased new from MISC in 2945. Primarily hangared at Terra.  


Submitted by INN on Thu, 02/23/2017 - 09:14

Hitch is a Reliant Mako purchased new from MISC for INN news gathering operations.