Mustang Beta

Mustang Beta

The Consolidated Outland Mustang Beta is a variant of the Mustang Alpha, the second starter ship design. The Mustang Beta, with its unprecedented range, is made for long duration flights. The factory standard Tarsus Leaper Jump Engine enables the Beta to travel to the galaxy’s farthest systems with ease, while the ship’s unique Com4T living quarters will make the journey feel like you never left home.


Submitted by Obvious on Sat, 08/03/2019 - 08:14

The main areas of activity of the UEE PATHFINDER are individual travel and transport services.

About the ship:

In January 2949, a Mustang Beta is build at Consolidated Outland on Stalford, Bremen System, and registered as UEE 190349.
April 2949, she is assigned the call sign PATHFINDER, and opened for business at Olisar, Stanton.

May adventure and profit lie in her future!