Ship Types

  • Drake Buccaneer

    Drake Buccaneer

    The Drake Buccaneer is a rugged fighter capable of fighting above its weight class. It was revealed on 21st May 2016 and first sold on 27th May 2016. It is designed to complement the Cutlass/Caterpillar System.

  • Drake Caterpillar

    Drake Caterpillar

    The Drake Caterpillar is an affordable modular cargo ship. It is commonly used for legitimate commerce, extended search, and rescue missions. However, because of the low cost and popularity among civilians, the Caterpillar are known for being used by pirates.

  • Drake Cutlass Black

    Drake Cutlass Black

    Drake Interplanetary claims that the Cutlass Black is a low-cost, easy-to-maintain solution for local in-system militia units. The larger-than-average cargo hold, RIO seat and dedicated tractor mount are, the company literature insists, for facilitating search and rescue operations.

  • Drake Cutlass Blue

    Cutlass Blue

    Sleek, mean, and royal. The Cutlass Blue adds missiles, a more aggressive engine, and Durasteel holding cells in the cargo bay to the standard model. The Cutlass Blue is the outworld militia standard ship of choice for patrols.

  • Drake Cutlass Red

    Cutlass Red

    The Cutlass Red converts the standard cargo hold to a well-equipped medical facility including an Autodoc. This star bound ambulance features the Nav-E7 Echo Transponder, a long range scanner, and a Secure Plus Docking Collar, making it ideal for search and rescue. This model also features a unique Red Crossbones skin.

  • Drake Dragonfly

    Drake Dragonfly

    The Drake Dragonfly is the perfect snub ship for anyone looking to live on the edge. With nothing separating the pilot from the dangers of space, the Dragonfly is as much an adventure as a ship! Dual-mode conversion allows the Dragonfly to operate on the ground or in space, and a rear-facing second seat means you can even take a passenger! The black model is Drake's standard production version and the Yellowjacket being a limited edition.

  • Drake Herald

    Drake Herald

    The Drake Herald is a small, armored ship designed to safely get information from Point A to Point B. Featuring a powerful central engine (for high-speed transit and generating the power needed for effective data encryption/containment), advanced encryption software and an armored computer core, the Herald is favored by organizations such as FTL Courier Service as its data is designed to be easily ‘cleaned’ when in danger of capture.