Ship Types

  • Drake Cutlass Red

    Cutlass Red

    The Cutlass Red converts the standard cargo hold to a well-equipped medical facility including an Autodoc. This star bound ambulance features the Nav-E7 Echo Transponder, a long range scanner, and a Secure Plus Docking Collar, making it ideal for search and rescue. This model also features a unique Red Crossbones skin.

  • Drake Dragonfly

    Drake Dragonfly

    The Drake Dragonfly is the perfect snub ship for anyone looking to live on the edge. With nothing separating the pilot from the dangers of space, the Dragonfly is as much an adventure as a ship! Dual-mode conversion allows the Dragonfly to operate on the ground or in space, and a rear-facing second seat means you can even take a passenger! The black model is Drake's standard production version and the Yellowjacket being a limited edition.

  • Drake Herald

    Drake Herald

    The Drake Herald is a small, armored ship designed to safely get information from Point A to Point B. Featuring a powerful central engine (for high-speed transit and generating the power needed for effective data encryption/containment), advanced encryption software and an armored computer core, the Herald is favored by organizations such as FTL Courier Service as its data is designed to be easily ‘cleaned’ when in danger of capture.

  • Genesis Starliner

    Genesis Starliner

    The Crusader Genesis is a mid-range passenger spacecraft. This ship utilizes award-winning manufacturing techniques and the highest quality parts to create one thing; a next-generation passenger ship at a price that won’t break your budget. Crusader Industries’ proprietary NeoG engine technology offers some of the most efficient flight for a ship of its size.

  • MISC Endeavor

    MISC Endeavor

    The Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern Endeavor is a fully modular research vessel, designed to be adapted for a variety of scientific and medical tasks. Initially developed as a floating laboratory, the MISC Endeavor can be outfitted as a telescope, farm, or mobile hospital

  • MISC Freelancer

    MISC Freelancer

    The MISC Freelancer is primarily a long range cargo hauler, designed for shipping major corporations' goods around the 'verse. However, its modularity and versatility, as well as its considerable firepower, have seen it fill a number of roles including use as a smuggling ship and a long range explorer.

  • MISC Freelancer DUR

    Freelancer DUR

    The MISC Freelancer DUR variant is specialized in exploration. It sacrifices 25% cargo capacity of the standard Freelancer in exchange for an enhanced jump drive, a more advanced scanner, and an expanded fuel tank. This may seem like a bad call to some, but those who value discovery over profit will find it to be their ship of choice.