Ship Types

  • MISC Freelancer MAX

    Freelancer DUR

    Freelancer MAX is a variant with additional cargo capacity at the expense of weapons. The Freelancer MAX variant sacrifices weaponry for an increased cargo capacity. This makes it ideal for equipment or raw materials transport.

  • MISC Freelancer MIS

    Freelancer MIS

    The Freelancer MIS is a limited edition militarized variant of the classic UEE mercantile ship. Due to early payload incidents, only a small number of these ships has been manufactured. This version sacrifices most of the cargo capacity to make way for missiles.

  • MISC Hull A

    Hull A

    The Hull A is the smallest, most affordable Hull. It is great for those just striking out in the galaxy on their own. The Hull A is most similar to the Aurora and Mustang, but lacks the ‘jack of all trades’ nature. Where the others trade cargo capacity for firepower or speed, the Hull A is 100% on-mission transport! Additionally, Hull A (and B) are often used as station-to-orbit ferries.

  • MISC Hull B

    MISC Hull B

    The Hull B is a more rugged option most often compared to MISC’s own Freelancer. But where the Freelancer is equipped for long range exploration and other roles, the Hull B is a pure cargo transport. Hull B are often used as corporate support ships, and it is not uncommon to spot several in different liveries during a single flight.

  • MISC Hull C

    MISC Hull C

    The Hull C is often called the most common ship in the galaxy, it is the most-produced of the range and is considered by many to be the most versatile. Intended to hit the ‘sweet spot’ between the smaller single-person transports and the massive super freighters that make up the rest of the range, the Hull C offers the expansive modularity of the larger ships while still retaining a modicum of the maneuverability allowed the low end of the range.

  • MISC Hull D

    Hull D

    The Hull D kicks off the larger end of the spectrum with a massive ship built around a rugged frame. The Hull D is affordable enough to be operated by mid-sized organizations and companies. Hull D are often used as flagships for mercantile operations, but their bulk means that they should be operated with escort fighters while not in safe space. The UEE military uses modified Hull D as part of their supply chain, arming and refueling the soldiers on the front line.

  • MISC Hull E

    MISC Hull E

    The Hull E is the largest specialized freighter available on the market today, generally owned by major corporations and operated with a high degree of planning. The lack of maneuverability inherent in such a large ship means that anyone planning to operate them should be careful about equipping turrets and providing escort. Their potential load (and modularity) is unparalleled, however: no other ship allows as much room to store goods or to modify towards another role.

  • MISC Prospector

    MISC Prospector

    For years, the Prospector has been the universe's preferred mining vessel for solo operators. Featuring MISC's sleek design sensibility and a bevy of upgraded high-tech mining tools, the 2947 Prospector perfectly balances form and functionality.

  • MISC Razor

    MISC Razor

    The MISC Razor is a racer developed for the 2947 Murray Cup. It features an advanced composite spaceframe, cutting edge fuel collections systems, minimal cross-section, sleek aerodynamic lines, and proprietary Xi’An influenced thruster design that puts pure speed ahead of everything else.

  • MISC Reliant Kore

    MISC Reliant Kore

    The Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern Reliant Kore is a mini Hauler. It is the base model of the Reliant. It is specifically designed as a multi-purpose ship and has a larger carrying capacity than many ships in its class.