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The Archaic Legend
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Status: Active

Current Owner: Aseron, an adopted child of a prominent Banu Souli (disbanded)


Avarice is perhaps the most ancient Merchantman still in operation.

Most recently favoring trade along the Banu, Xi'an, and UEE borders, Avarice has been traveling the known universe for at least 11 generations of Banu -- exactly how many before that is unknown, as the timelines quickly become clouded. 

Her advanced age and state of near continuous travel has caused her past captains to replace their blackboxes multiple times in each lifetime, often leaving these shards of the past in whatever system the ship happened to have been in at the time. These blackboxes have become collectors items in and of themselves. Fifteen of these boxes are known to have been recovered, but for what little we actually know about the true age of this ship, there could be a hundred.

She has made her mark across the stars, but if sheer wanderlust was not enough to cement her legend, there are rumors that she was the first (and only) ship to pass into Kr'Thak space since their existence was revealed to the Banu in the nearby system of Gliese. 

These rumors remain unconfirmed by the Xi'an consulate. However, all ship logs from the time this event supposedly took place have been completely erased. Whats more, that particular blackbox has never been recovered...