The Almost Perfect Wave

Submitted by Byórðæįr on Fri, 05/05/2017 - 19:17
Call Sign
Azure Echo
Org Unit
Squardon 42
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Ship History

Built in late 2873 by Aeromancy on barely habitable out laying world of Surfer's Paradise, the ship is registered out of Goss in 2917 by Byórðæįr, call sign Vlor, after he retires from serving with the other heros lead by Lt Nolan.

Designed off an old wreck that was buried on Surfer's Paradise from the initial wave of settlers from earth, the Azure Echo more formally known as the Almost Perfect Wave, is a UEE restricted design that is limited to military use only. When Vlor was serving with the Forty Second he got stick time in one of the modern versions of the Banshee. So after working with Aeromancy to built a pheonix model of Constellation the 'Dust in the Wind' RSI Constellation Phoenix he set up to try and rebuild the old ship have buried into the the rock of Surfer's Paradise. Being clad in quartz the ships surface was only slightly worn away were it was exposed. Getting the hanger door open was harder until digging through old books in some of the various bastions on the world he was able to get the bay doors to open and unlocked. After crawling through the bay doors he was able to walk through the narrow corridors to the power plant and then to the command dec. Reaching the command dec was a shock the layout was much the same as his fighter he flew against the vandul, but the electronics were hopelessly outdated. The lasers were still working once hauled out of the wreck. slowly towing it to the new enclave Vlor was building as an restricted space port. He figures out more about ship design by slowing dismantling the working parts. Some of the cladding plates were broken in the landing and some suffered metal freeze and the rails they were bolted to had to be cut apart. But as he finally gets it working he nearly gets shot out of space by a UEE Bengal-class Carrier because it looked like a stolen Banshee Interceptor class without a friend or foe IFF radio. His com officer being an old Forty Seconder like Vlor starts brocasting check fire check fire. The carrier pauses and ask who the blue blazes is flying that thing. Vlor com officer patches Vlor through to the radio, and Byórðæįr stays repeating a dry monotonus voice his name, rank, and military desigination. Finally the Carrier Captain sighs and says what happened to your IFF Admiral, then he pauses and says how in the verse do you even say that name. Byórðæįr, sighs and says slowly Be' vor'' sa vai' jor da'' ier. Then he says every not scandanavian just calls me Va' Lore my call sign. The carrier captain laughs and says that is one ironic call sign. Vlor snickers and says so I kinda rebuilt this from a non UEE wreck and have not gotten back to a UEE shipyard to find out if counts as a sting ship or a civilian ship. The carrier captain says, "wait one". After about twenty minutes of floating in space, he comes back on the horn and says can you land that on the carrier? Vlor grins and says it is basically a banshee do you have a water deck or repulsor deck on that beast? The carrier captain laughs and says we have learned a couple new tricks since your day, aim for parking slot thirty seven through forty five, they all support wet landings. Vlor lands the redesigned wreck on dec thirty seven. He walks out the ramp and says that really looks like home, then turns and returns the Carrier Captain's Salute. The Carrier Captain walks over and still wearing gloves shakes Vlor's hand. He said you boys did some good work out there.  Vlor sighs and says it is too bad they only know the wave of the club. Better than the way of the sword but not as good as the wave of the tea ceremony. The carrier Captain starts laughing. He says I have got a couple techs that can fit an military console on their temporary and send an escort with you to Goss to get that thing registed. They may make you take it to Terra or Sol to have a military tech look it over. Then he blinks and says that is something I never done see. The shakes his head. Lets head up stairs and hear a few yarns before you terrify my techs staring over their shoulder while they work you interceptor can wait a bit.

Note the Banshee is yacht interceptor class but the rebuilt might be a corvette class but it is under the modder's section as the oringal design was to be able to add ships using this Engineering Manual

Engineering Manual for Modders (Digital)
February 22, 2014
Digital Engineering Manual

you could buy that before that point but it is not yet released by rsi yet.