Miso Chef

Submitted by Byórðæįr on Sun, 08/27/2017 - 20:38
Call Sign
Naughty in a Tub
Org Unit
Naughty Catering
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Ship History

Built in late 2647 by MISC and used as in fleet catering ship until bought by admiral Byórðæįr with the intent of gutting the hull and figuring out how to refit with it new equipment, to provide hot chow in to fighter pilots on long escort missions. After tearing it apart and learning the specs, the parts are too worn out and some parts have gunk welded to them that had petrified.

So part after part is ordered from MISC and so are rebuilt from bar stock and some are used as is, some are discarded as the rebuild uses some non standard parts, and some more modern parts. Slowly but surely he has a newly built Dur to MISC specs and the food is good but having to doc to a carrier defeats the purpose to feed the pilots. So the idea is scrapped until the ship collecting dust on Surfer's Paradise is rebuilt by the Aeromancy Company on Goss as way to test out new hires to see if they can turn a spanner.

The ship is registered to Aeromancy on Goss in 2917.