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The Purge was in service to the Advocacy and was mainly utilized as a law enforcement patrol craft until it was retired at the end of 2949.  The Cutlass Blue was replaced by the new wave of MISC Razors making their way into the Advocacy Fleet as Patrol ships.  It was privately purchased by a former Advocacy Special Agent named Dutch Crossland at a local government auction located on Earth.  It then was used over the course of the next two years as a Security Patrol Craft and Prison Vessel doing various duties such as escorts and prisoner transports.  The Purge is a Cutlass Blue class ship made by Drake Interplanetary.   The Purge has a standard crew of three, however has recently been seen with a crew with as many as five. 

On one evening, while attending to a routine prisoner transport to a detainment moon, the vessel's engines became non-functional.  Nearby, there was derelict Constellation Andromeda with their shields down, who failed to answer on comms after many attempts.  The crew then was forced to send a security team aboard in an attempt to scavenge for parts to repair the engines.  The team didn't encounter any crew members, which was odd for a ship that size.  When making their way to the bridge they encountered pirates whom ambushed them in the hallway.  Luckily the men were able to locate the spare parts beforehand in one of the side maintenance room,ex-filling immediately back to the Purge.  After informing Dutch Crossland of the situation they had encountered, they received the order to open fire on the bridge of the Constellation where the main bulk of their forces were located.  The twin Gatling guns spun up with a loud wine and layed waste to the bridge busting out the windows aboard the Constellation sucking the pirates out into the vast body of space. With narrowly avoiding near death the crew began making the necessary repairs and they were on their way, evidently completing their transport mission along the lawless vats of space.