FUBR Gaslight

Submitted by Ryn on Thu, 07/04/2019 - 23:43
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Ship History

2949-06-26 Ship commissioned for Ryn117 by UEE licensed dealer.

2949-06-27 Ship flies maiden voyage and initiates basic ship evaluations. Ship passes all basic evaluations with the exception of a docking collar malfunction. Multiple cargo runs are successful.

2949-06-30 Light defense testing passes. Light fighters weren't able to damage any modules after an extended attack timer. Minimal damage to hull armor observed. Recommend full crew for voyages expecting to encounter combat as main pilot cannons cannot track small ships fast enough. Docking collar malfunction exploited on MULTIPLE occasions recommend armed guard until maintenance is available.

2949-06-29 Small crew collected for ship tour and test voyage. Tour was a success. Armed guard was able to keep ship clear of unwanted hitchikers.